Guide to Install TVZion on Android Box

Are you a cinephile who enjoys watching duologies, trilogies and independent classic films during the weekends? Do you just love watching TV shows and Web series with your friends and have an amazing time even when you’re doing marathons by yourself?

If you are someone who does all those things, then you know how better the streaming industry has gotten in the past couple of years. Every year, new shows and movies are being released on top of the previous long-running shows that people have already been loving.

With these many choices, it could get difficult to decide which show to pick or which movie to watch in your free time.

There is also the fact that to watch these TV shows, movies and Web Series spread across multiple streaming services, you are required to pay either an annual fee or a monthly subscription. With more than 5 streaming giants in the industry and everyone gunning for maximum viewership, you are told that you have absolutely no other choice than to purchase them all.

Well, that’s not entirely true, you see, you always have a choice.

So today, we present to you an app called TVZion that lets you watch unlimited Movies, TV Shows and Web Series for free! You can stream your favorite episodes and all the movies that you may desire at any time and from anywhere in the world!

TVZion on Android Box

Unlike most streaming services that are either limited geographically or do not possess a vast library, TVZion houses all the best shows of the century along with movies and even manga series!

How is TVZion a better choice among other similar apps?

  • Download your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Web Series in various formats to watch them offline anywhere!
  • Use an external video player to stream all the content if you’re not satisfied with the in-built video player and want some extraordinary enhancements.
  • View subtitles in over 20 languages for Movies and TV Shows including the multilingual ones, so that you can never miss a dialogue even if you’re watching everything on mute for various reasons!
  • A vast library ensures that you can find any and all your favorite content with the routed links redirected from web hosting servers that are fast and free of broken links and bugs.

When you get these many amazing features inside just one app, it’s easier to pick TVZion for all your streaming needs, which also happens to provide a simpler and intuitive interface so that you can get on with that TV Show without wasting time any further.

While all of this is pretty nifty, you may ask what if you might prefer to watch something on a bigger screen? Is there a way to enjoy the several Movies and Web Series on a larger screen with this app and that too for free?

Well, yes. You can choose to install this app on your PC and Mac too. You can even install it on your Android Box TV, so that you can sit back and enjoy some snacks along with your chosen form of entertainment.

How to Install TVZion APK on Android Box TV

  • Turn on your Android box TV and navigate to Settings > Security & Restrictions where you must ‘Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources’ to permit the system to install apps from sources other than the default play store.

Turn on Unknown Sources

  • After you’ve turned on Unknown Sources, you shall then need to download TVZion APK. The best way to get the TVZion APK is to use the link provided below.
  • Once the TVZion app is downloaded you may then open any File Explorer, locate the downloaded apk and tap it to install it on your system by following the prompts.
  • It could take some time while the Android Box TV installs TVZion, soon as it is done you can then simply open the app and start watching global content for free!

There are other ways too by which you can Install TVZion on Android Box if you do not particularly want to use the previous method.

TVZion APK on Android Box – Other Ways to Install the App

  • The FireStick TV users might perhaps know better about the Downloader App, yet, you too can simply download it from the default Play Store.
  • Using the Downloader App, you can easily download TVZion on Android Box TV.
  • The popular ES File Explorer app can also be used to download TVZion APK.
  • Open ES File Explorer and navigate to Tools > Download Manager. Open TVZion official website in the browser window of the downloader and obtain the TVZion APK file.
  • After the application has been downloaded, open it for making a minor tweak that is imminent for the proper functioning of the app which can be found in the app’s settings.
  • Head to Settings and turn on the Force Android TV mode.

By changing this setting, you can experience a more stable functioning of the app.

MX Player on Android TV Box for TVZion APK

MX Player is a famous Android video player made for all the devices including the android based Android Box TV.

MX Player is a popular video player that provides several enhancements and tweaks to improve your viewing experience. MX Player can be easily downloaded on the Android TV box from the default Play Store.

Soon as the MX Player is installed on the Android TV box, you shall need to set it as the default player for TVZion. To achieve this goal, head over to Settings > Default Video Player and pick MX Player.

Wrapping Up

You can follow this guide to Install TVZion on Android Box TV in order to watch Movies, TV Shows and Web Series for free!

TVZion is a free app that lets you stream a vast collection of content in multiple formats and up to 4k resolution! You can also download and bookmark your favorites and watch it with subtitles with the ability to use Chromecast for projectors and TVs that don’t support Android.

To enjoy the benefit of all these features on your Android TV Box, download TVZion today!