How TVZion is the Best Alternative to Showbox?

If you are a cinephile or somebody who loves watching motion pictures, then you have the choice to spend your hours today in a million different ways and all of them could include watching different episodes or movies online!

Well, often it may happen that you find a desirable movie or a series, but it does not happen to be telecasted in your region, even though you are subscribed to the same service as the rest of the world. Sometimes, the most popular streaming service can also happen to lack that old but not too old TV show that you’ve come to adore and would like to watch again, but it now seems that it’s just, lost in time.

Well, not really. There are apps in the market that now provide you a similar streaming experience, even better, depending on which app you download. While some of these popular streaming apps claim to give you the best of experience for free, there are chances that it may display ads or peep upon your confidential data stored within your device.

To avoid certain hassles and issues, there are apps like Showbox and TVZion that enable you to fully enjoy whatever you choose to watch without any sacrifices or catch.


Easily the popular choice among many users, Showbox lets you enjoy TV Shows and Movies for free anywhere in the world! The versatility of the app lies in the fact that it pulls links and data from various content hosting sites and lets you pick the best format for your viewing experience.

showbox for pc and mac

You can choose among the different resolutions available in the links that lead up to FullHD and even 4k to watch your favorites, that too in different formats that you deem best as per your taste.

You can also download these TV shows and movies to watch them offline like when you’ve gone camping, trekking or just having another sleepover at a friend’s house. With the availability of viewing subtitles in over 20 languages, it’s not too hard to understand why this app might be favorite among users.

While all of that is super excellent and just perfect, what’s not cool is that because of its popularity, sometimes the app becomes laggy or supplies broken links and also causes auto-updates to break because of bugs. While there aren’t super-imposing ads, there are few of them but they do not obstruct your viewing experience.


A relatively newer app on the market, TVZion allows you to browse a vast library full of TV shows, Movies, Manga Series and much more. You not only get better platform support but also get the assistance of good developers that have made great efforts in providing you this fantastic app.

tvzion for pc and mac

Watch content in up to 4k resolution, which is ultimately your personal choice. It is the fact that you can pick among different formats to view it in preferred personal external video players that may enhance your viewing experience.

Subtitles too are a benefit if you would like them since they’re available in more than 20 languages to assist you to enjoy your desired episodes and lingually diverse movies. Moreover, you also get unlimited downloads of any content, so you can watch anything you may choose at any place you may like.

All these features are provided in a super intuitive app with a beautiful interface to make it an overall hassle-free experience with less or ultimately no ads.

Final Words

Seeing that both the apps provide nearly similar features, the TVZion does tend to be better in terms of interface and overall experience as compared to the popular Showbox.

Thus, Download TVZion for free on your PC and Mac today!